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Produce on-brand, search-optimized e-Commerce videos across every channel 10x faster, increasing traffic, conversion rates and sales

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Easily Create Batch Short Videos in Just a Few Steps 😄

Step 1: Batch Upload Your Product Materials and Keywords

Supporting various material formats, including images and videos. AI will automatically match multiple best short videos based on your materials and keywords.

Step 2: Select the Target Country Language and Product Description

Choose target country languages, and AI will generate the most suitable descriptions for various scenarios, including platforms like Tiktok, Amazon, Shopify, and more.

Step 3 : Choose Short Video Templates and Digital Narrators

Select one or more from over 50 highly-viewed video templates, and you can also use localized digital narrators to enhance your video performance.

Automatic Short Video Translation Service

Translate your videos into multiple languages for multiple countries with just one click.

  • Automatically recognize audio content and translate it into localized content.
  • Automatically synthesize emotionally rich speech and generate subtitle overlays.
  • Automatically localize facial fusion and enhance facial clarity.

GenAI Product Image Service & Tools

API Reference

We have opened up API access to most of the features, allowing you to integrate these powerful capabilities into your system or improve efficiency through batch calls.

  • Batch Video Generate Service

  • Video Auto Translation Service

  • GenAI Image Tools Service

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